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“Most persons do not like to consider the subject of death, as they believe it is too morbid. Hence, many fail to prepare financially for funeral costs and final expenses”, says Oliver Tomlinson, general manager of JN Life Insurance Company Limited. Mr. Tomlinson said that death is such an emotional subject, that its financial aspects

Planning for a Funeral

Death may be a certainty; however, the stress associated with the costs of a funeral does not have to be, if plans are put in place to ease the financial burden, says Dr Damian Ffriend, Senior Manager – Sales, JN Life Insurance. Dr Ffriend notes that in preparing for death, there are many things to
Dr. Damian Ffriend, Senior manager, sales and services, JN Life Insurance Company JN Life Insurance has developed two critical illness products, which allows their clients with these policies to retain coverage even after the initial diagnosis of an illness.  The plans, which allow for persons claim as long as their premiums are up to date,
Jamaica could lose an estimated $47 billion in workforce productivity over the next 15 years, if more is not done to reduce the impact of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) on the population. Dr. Christopher Tufton, who was speaking during the plenary session of the Bi-Annual Jamaican Diaspora Conference about Health and Wellness, highlighted that NCDs were
JN Life Insurance has launched two new Life Insurance products geared to individual persons and families to assist them with their funeral expenses. The Family Indemnity plan offers clients a maximum coverage of $1.5 million and has  Terminal and Critical Illness benefits. The plans, marketed as “JN Life Comfort” and “JN Life Family Comfort,” are