Explore JN Life Comfort (Family Indemnity Plan)

Group Life Creditor Insurance

Group Life Creditor Insurance is a part of a benefit package which covers employees or members of an organization. In the event of a claim, the sum insured will be paid to the insured employee, named beneficiary(ies) or trustee.


  • Provides coverage for death, permanent disability accidental dismemberment and up to 21 critical illnesses
  • Coverage is indexed to salary (e.g. 3-5 times gross annual salary)
  • Employee handbook available, click here

All loan applicants 18-64 years are eligible.

Maximum Insurable Limit

There is no maximum limit on this policy.


An enrollment form is completed at the loan application stage. A Certificate of Insurance is returned to the customer as proof of coverage.

Calculation of Premium

A single premium rate schedule is used to calculate rates; rates vary based on the age of the customer and loan term.

Termination of Insurance Coverage

Coverage terminates upon full repayment of a loan or settlement of a claim.